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Welcome to Performance Coaching UK

Performance Coaching UK offers effective coaching and training in leadership and personal performance to individuals and teams, both in business organisations and on a personal basis.

Performance Coaching

  • Acquire clarity and focus
  • Generate a variety of options
  • Make well balanced choices
  • Overcome obstacles and barriers
  • Achieve outstanding results

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Leadership Coaching

  • Develop high performance skills
  • Lead by example
  • Communicate effectively
  • Influence the performance of others
  • Develop strategic impact

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Career Change and Development

  • Work to your strengths
  • Develop your natural skills and experience
  • Find your optimum career direction
  • Establish your own balance between work and life
  • Free yourself of others' expectations & set your own

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Why work with Performance Coaching UK?

Performance Coaching UK has worked with many clients to develop and realise their full potential, at work and in other areas of life. Through extensive experience of working with high performing teams and individuals I can expertly help to identify the often subtle difference which leads to excellent personal performance.

In business I seek to bring a balance between the purpose of your organisation and the aims and ambitions of your work force. And, as an accomplished NLP practitioner, I work with individual clients to attain personal and professional excellence utilising clear thoughts, a strong focus and positive emotions.

Why use a coaching approach?

The coaching environment provides an opportunity for self-generated learning which is more readily accepted and, ultimately, actioned with a higher degree of conviction and sustainability.

To find out more about working with Performance Coaching UK

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The Emotional Capital Report

"The ECR is the best test system I have ever seen. I would recommend it with my head and my heart."

Professor Bertil Mardberg, University of Gothenburg and one of Europe's most respected psychometricians Click here to find out more